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Energy Efficient Furnaces & More in Kitchener & Surrounding Areas

Each year as the seasons turn, we know the ritual of turning on our furnaces for the first time, perhaps doubtful it is working at its best. Take the uncertainty out of your heating season with Pinewood Heating & Air Conditioning’s installation and maintenance for your energy-efficient furnace with a warranty and service plan guaranteed to make your heating months worry-free. We always save you money by recommending the appropriate furnace for your home’s size and your family’s comfort requirements.

Radiant Heat/Fireplaces

Want the comfort, savings and innovation of radiant floor heating? Our technicians are the experts in floor warming and radiant floor heating installation. We can keep your driveways and steps clear of ice and snow all winter long, ask about our snow melting system. A new gas fireplace doesn’t just improve the decor of the home, but can also improve your heating system efficiency as well as add warmth to your home. Visit our showroom to browse through our floor models!

Should It Stay or Should It Go?

The most common question we hear when giving a price on repairing a unit is “Do I repair it or replace it?” Here are some points to consider when making a decision:

  • Repair cost vs. replacement cost
  • Age and efficiency of old unit vs. efficiency of a new unit
  • Operation cost of old unit vs. new unit
  • Warranty coverage on old unit
  • Number of years you expect to live in your home

Your Pinewood representative can answer any questions you may have and also provide valuable information on efficiency ratings, heating and cooling costs and payback periods.

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