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HVAC Experts Have Your Heating & Cooling Needs Covered in the GTA

Accessories for Efficiency and Comfort

In addition to furnaces and air conditioners, Pinewood carries energy-efficient accessories to enhance your total home comfort. Electronic air cleaners do a fantastic job of filtering dust, microorganisms and foreign objects. Much more effective than disposable filters, electronic filters can eliminate up to 99% of all household irritants. This is especially important to allergy sufferers. We also carry state-of-the-art programmable thermostats. This device alone can lead to substantial savings on your energy bill. Humidifiers are important too; they keep your home from drying out in peak heating times. See your Pinewood representative for more energy-saving accessory ideas.

Quality and Comfort

Look to Pinewood Heating & Air Conditioning for healthy and safe air quality with comfort all year round. We have the best brand name products you need for energy and cost savings while your family enjoys the security of dependable warmth in the winter and relief from heat and humidity in summer. All year long, expect the best indoor air quality with efficient humidifying and air cleaning systems.

Large Selection

Pinewood Heating & Air Conditioning installs and services a wide range of systems for home renovations, replacement and new construction, including:

Electronic air cleaners


Hot water tanks

Snow melt

Maintenance and Emergencies

Regular maintenance on your furnace and air conditioning unit ensures they will run reliably when you need them and save you energy costs. Call us for seasonal maintenance that will extend your heating and cooling system’s life. In case of unexpected trouble during the winter, you can depend on our trained technicians for 24/7 emergency service.

Energy/Cost Savings

Be assured that every brand Pinewood Heating & Air Conditioning sells and installs comes from the most trusted and respected manufacturers in North America. Plus, we support environmental responsibility and cost savings by encouraging the installation of heating and cooling systems with Energy Star ratings.

Service Plans

Expect the security of manufacturers’ warranties and our service plans for any product we install. From fireplaces to radiant heat systems, our professional staff will go over all terms and conditions of our service plans. Please contact us for free quotes and inquiries about our brands and services.

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